Hey guys,

It’s major catch up time.  I’ve been incredibly busy with my 2nd last year of university and getting the official side of music production down, so it’s been crazy, but very enlightening.

To the juicy news, I’ve recently entered and won a contest hosted by one of my role models in music, Chris Glover, the guy behind Penguin Prison.  Take a listen to it by clicking the title above!  Chris’ an extremely humble and talented guy so it’s great to be able to make connections with him and to have an official remix of one of his tracks.  At some point, the mix reached 4th place on Hype Machine which is wonderful news.  Ah, before I get too far ahead of myself, it was a remix for his track, Fair Warning, released with his first Penguin Prison EP.  I strongly encourage everyone to buy the EP and give it a listen, along with a collaborative track he wrote with the main producer behind RAC, André Anjos, called Hollywood released by Green Label Sound.  Again, they’re all brilliant musicians and people.

Some other things updated on my SoundCloud - I’ve recently reached over 100,000 listens on my Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance remix and 4000 followers for the profile, so I uploaded an instrumental for that mix with a free download.  As well, there are some new official mixes about.  One, for DJ Shadow’sScale It Back feat. Little Dragon, which is absolutely radical because of the simple fact that DJ Shadow rocks, and a second cheery tune for Apparat Organ Quartet’s123 Forever, an Icelandic group of electronic musicians.

[Not For TL:DR People - It’s Robotaki Diary Time]

These past few months of just paying attention to what I truly want has really changed my outlook on the future.  I don’t strive to connect with others just for the sake of networking, or just for the sake of gawking at my idols in the industry, but to actually learn and want to be a part of that rich and cultured group of producers.  It’s really brought to light what I value in a piece of music and how to produce efficiently without losing integrity. (it is, after all, more of a job now)  I won’t bore you all with the inner workings of my mind, but a key question has come up time and time again, and that is “Can a piece of music legitimately be crap?”  On one hand, it’s possible that the music could just be not aesthetically pleasing to a certain person, but on the other, it’s possible that the music is just lazy.  The problem is, “lazy” is a tough word to use since it’s completely relative and can refer to countless aspects of music.  I normally see “lazy” as a lack of deliberate effort to produce something that is different, but sometimes I feel like it’s a rather pretentious outlook.  I don’t necessarily always try to be different, but just to be something of what I feel is quality.  The question remains unanswered.  The closest I can get to an answer, is if the music appears “mindless,” in that it was a cut and paste formula for popularity.  It stems from close-mindedness, which is something that I don’t and never will tolerate. (lol, seems hypocritical when put that way)

Anyway, rant done!  Enjoy the tunes guys, and stay tuned for much more - this is going to be a very, very busy and exciting summer : )

An Update on Things…and Free Instrumentals!

Hey everyone,

I’ve had enough requests over the past couple months for the instrumentals of my Girls’ Generation mixes to warrant having them posted on SoundCloud so here they are.  I hope you enjoy listening to them, and they’re free to download HQ (320 kbps)

Girls’ Generation Instrumentals by Robotaki

I know I’ve sort of given the impression that I will be returning full force with K-Pop mixes with the recent “The Boys” remix, but unfortunately, it’s going to be more like a parting gift for all of you.  (Aside, that mix didn’t end up winning :( tough luck I suppose haha)

Over the past year, I’ve gotten a lot more involved with the music community outside of YouTube and K-Pop.  Since the beginning of my channel, or at least since I started to upload music related things, I’ve had the privilege of developing my skills in producing, meeting and working with other amazing producers, having my music scored in a film, and putting out official tracks, all the while having brilliant support from everyone.  On top of it, I’ve had the opportunity to spin at several clubs and events around Montreal which was a completely new and rewarding experience for me.  To be honest, I didn’t think music would go beyond something of a hobby; it hasn’t really, at least with regards to the amount of fun I have doing it, but it definitely has had an even more prominent, professional role in my life as of lately.  For this reason, I am ‘moving on’ from bootleg mixes to more official grounds, and to grounds more related to my inspirations and influences.  The idea of having the chance to work at the level of my favourite artists like Breakbot, The Twelves, Siriusmo, Eumig & Chinon, RAC, Bag Raiders, Madeon, etc. (the list could go forever) is far too exciting.  I want to make it clear that this does not mean I will not be releasing any works - in fact, it is the opposite entirely.

My SoundCloud page has many tracks which I did not release on YouTube but gained popularity on blogs, Hype Machine, and some even in clubs!  Furthermore, I am currently working on a sizeable EP of original work and mixes from other artists which is expected to be released in early 2012.  You can keep up with everything through my Facebook page!  I hope that my decision will not affect your ability to listen and enjoy my music in any way!  I can’t begin to express my appreciation for your support over the last year and I sincerely hope that I can still have that support moving forward.

- Robotaki

[THE BOYS REMIX CONTEST] Girls’ Generation - The Boys (Robotaki Remix)

There’s going to be an appropriate post after this because there is a lot of news, but for now, enjoy my submission to the competition. : )  As always, I’ve gone for a high energy, funk-filled rendition of the girls’ track.  There are many brilliant takes on the tracks, so please check out all of the mixes submitted to the competition when you can at http://www.facebook.com/smtown

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